A DisCERNing Trip

My first trip while in the Netherlands was to Switzerland. The European Organization for Nuclear Research, known as CERN is a European research organization whose purpose is to operate the world’s largest particle physics laboratory. Established in 1954, the organization is based in the northwest suburbs of Geneva on the Franco–Swiss border and having twenty European member states.

Here is a basic diagram of CERN.


I met up with a fellow Whitaker Fellowship winner. Here he is working on a few things at CERN.


Seven experiments (CMS, ATLAS, LHCb, MoEDAL, TOTEM, LHC-forward and ALICE) run on the collider; each of them will studies particle collisions from a different point of view, and with different technologies. On the tour, we were taken to ATLAS. There was a Lego representation of ATLAS.


The Higgs boson or Higgs particle is an elementary particle initially theorised in 1964. It was discovered by CERN on 4 July 2012. The tour guide covered how they discovered it.


The Universe of Particles was an additional exhibit on the CERN location. It is housed in a large circular building. While inside, a video plays where images flash across the walls and floors.





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