I am a Nerd!

Well, if you didnt know. I am a nerd. My poor husband, Kevin knows this all too well. On our wedding registry, there were many Star Wars gifts. At one point, they were all bought resulting in several of my friends asking me to add more. Even my friends support my nerdy habits. 

Anyone excited and also terrified of Star Wars Episode VII? Casting is almost complete and I feel that we still know nothing.

TV shows that I tend to watch over and over, much to the dismay of my husband: Battlestar Galatica (2004), Fringe, The Tudors.

Favorite Movies for a long weekend: Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Star Wars (Episode III-VI) or most recent Batman Series.

However, I am an equally opportunistic nerd and am obsessed with Pride and Prejudice, Emma and Jane Eyre. I have watched the P&P 1995 series at least 20 times. Recently, I watched the Jane Eyre (2011) and highly recommend it. 

My other favorite nerdy thing is learning about English history. The Tudors and The White Queen have overplayed and changed some of history. I have seen documentaries and enjoyed reading about the history. Hoping to find new documentaries to watch in the future.


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