Time to Learn Dutch

I have been in the Netherlands almost 3 weeks. It is time to learn Dutch. In addition to the amazing courses I took under Antonie at the Upper Gwynedd Township building, I also have Rosetta Stone.

Besides the language, I am also trying to learn more about the Dutch culture. For instance, I noticed when ever someone goes to get a drink, they always ask if anyone else wants something. This does not happen as much in American culture. On Monday, I am going to make an effort to ask everyone. “Drinkt u?”.

Any suggestions on how to learn Dutch or more about the Dutch culture, please share in the comments area.


One thought on “Time to Learn Dutch

  1. I admire what you’re doing. Would it work for other couples, maybe not as much, but you’re not other couples. Hope you’re having fun and enjoying your experience! Btw, love the title to your blog!

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