Adjusting to the Netherlands

Adjusting to a new place where you don’t know anyone is hard. I have been lucky that I work in a lab group that is very nice and supportive. During the day, when I am in the lab and am surrounded by people, I am fine. Once I return to my apartment, I am reminded how my husband is back in the US and how I have no friends/family here. I realize that it will take time to make friends and become more comfortable.

My family and friends have been great so far, spending time to Skype with me. It has allowed me to have some normalcy as I usually talk to my dad every day. During this past week, I have worked to find a few things that remind me of home. The coffee cups that were included in my home were small. I decided to buy a big coffee cup and a plush Eeyore doll. In addition, cooking some of my favorite foods has helped a lot. Over the past few days, I have made a beef vegetable soup, egg & pasta salad and mashed potatoes.
Finally, to help reduce some of the stress, I have begun running again. I am hoping this will help to relax me and help me sleep.

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