Netherlands Apartment

A few weeks after I recieved my fellowship, I spent days researching the best possible places to live on campus. This year abroad would be my last for my PhD, so I knew I didn’t want to share the apartment. Radbond University has housing set aside specifically for visiting researchers, lecturers, etc. I emailed my contact from the lab I am working in and easily got the housing.

The apartment is 36 m^2 large. The apartment came furnished, with a tv, radio, kitchen w/supplies and bed. It is about the size of my one bedroom apartment in Philadelphia, the biggest difference being a lot less stuff. Once all my things were unpacked, it still seemed larger than my old apartment.

P1010602 P1010613

The apartment comes with a small patio that overlooks a small park. There are trails for running and biking within the park. The one side of the apartment overlooks several sports fields in which I can see soccer, field hockey and rugby being played daily. My favorite part of living in the Netherlands is the fresh air. The campus is surrounded by trees.




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