A Honeymoon in Paris

After a wonderful wedding attended by family and close friends, Kevin and I journeyed to Paris, France for our honeymoon. We arrived during a busy afternoon and immediately headed to our hotel. We stayed at the Hotel Muguet, which is very nice. The room was beautiful decorated, but the downside was you could not eat food in the actual room. This was not a huge problem as we wanted to try lots of different food, so we were always wandering the city. After a nap and quick shower, we headed to a restaurant down the street. The first thing to know in Paris is that dinner starts later. Most places wont seat you until at least 7pm. This obviously was a little hard for us. We made due most days by grabbing snacks here and there.

The first night we stopped in a restaurant just down the street. We were lucky enough to get a table since it was so early. The second rule of eating in Paris is that the tip is already included in the meal price. Usually about a 15% tip is already included in the menu price. We always tipped around 5-10% additional depending on the quality of service, food preparation, etc. The food that night was amazing. We both agree it was the best food we had in Paris. After dinner, we walked around, arriving at the Eiffel Tower. It was beautifully lit normally but then there was a flickering of lights.


The next day we got up early to wander the city. In one day we were able to see the Lourve, Musee D’Orsay, Musee National De L’Orangie and Palais De La Decouverte Universcience. I will admit that we aren’t huge museum buffs, so normally we choose our top 5 things we want to see and focus on those. In the Lourve, we focused on the Mona Lisa and Venus Di Milo. Then we just spent time walking around to see different paintings. In the Musee D’Orsay we focused specifically on the Van Gogh/Artaud Exhibit. In the L’Orangie, we really only went to see Claude Monet’s work. It was late in the day and we saw on the map that there was a scientific type museum, Palais De La Decouverte Universcience. We figured we should go and see as many museums as possible. Unfortunately, a cough that started during our wedding weekend had escalated for me. We would sleep in some days and then wander the city for lunch and well into the afternoon. It must have been the first time since we started dating 4.5 years ago that we didn’t have set plans and just relaxed. As we are both engineers, we constantly have to do lists and plans so it was nice to just be in the moment.



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